What we are

Cymdeithas Coedwig Cymuned Pontrhydfendigaid/Pontrhydfendigaid Community Woodland Association, known more simply as “Coed y Bont”, is a group set up to encourage the use and enjoyment of this beautiful woodland by everyone living in the local area through actively maintaining the footpaths, improving the habitats within the wood, and encouraging children and families by having a series of monthly events.

Paths in Coed y Bont

Coed y Bont consists of two connected woods: Coed Dolgoed and Coed Cnwch.

Coed Dolgoed is the flat woodland just off Abbey Road, where two new level and fully accessible paths were laid in 2015, along with a picnic bench by the new pond.

Coed Cnwch is a wood on the side of a hill, with rough paths running though it. It has a well-positioned bench at the top end with good views.

What we do

We undertake a variety of tasks in the wood depending on the time of year. These include renovating and upgrading paths and improving the drainage, clearing unwanted growth, and generally managing the different habitats within the wood to increase species diversity.

We hold a series of monthly family events on site, looking at different aspects of the woodland’s fauna and flora, particularly involving local children in the natural world.

Who we are

We are a friendly informal group of people from a variety of backgrounds. Membership of our group is free and we are always keen to welcome new volunteers. We all live within the local area and are committed to maintaining and conserving this ancient woodland for the enjoyment of our own and future generations.

Our Vision:
A woodland that…

  • is attractive and interesting and provides quiet enjoyment
  • local people want to visit and attracts visitors to the area
  • is accessible to everyone
  • has a range of interesting and diverse wildlife
  • informs people about the woodland environment
  • involves people in the community
  • becomes an exemplar community woodland

What we have to achieve

  • Good access with well designed footpaths so that people can enjoy the woodland.
  • Sensitively sited and good quality way markers
  • A sound baseline record of the woodland’s wildlife and its historic features
  • A biodiversity management plan to identify, protect and enhance the wildlife interest
  • An interpretation board and leaflets on the wildlife, historic interest and the access paths
  • People supporting and taking part in events and activities
  • People of all ages having an enhanced knowledge of the woodland and its wildlife
  • A team of volunteers who enjoy doing hands-on work in the woodland
  • A visitor attraction that indirectly brings economic benefits to the local community
  • A good publicity network
  • Probably most importantly, an active and committed group to drive the project forward

The benefits of walking

A woodland walk isn’t just enjoyable; it has a number of important benefits too.

It can…

  1. …help you sleep better and feel more alert when you’re awake. Taking long walks in the fresh air is bound to tire you out!
  2. …improve your mood. Physical activity of any kind releases endorphins which can help ease the symptoms of mild to moderate depression, and reduce stress levels.
  3. …help keep you fit. Long walks are the perfect way to explore somewhere new and give yourself a great workout. Even short walks will help stretch your legs and clear your head.
  4. …reconnect you with nature. Soak up the birdsong. Admire the flowers and trees, and breathe in the scent of leaves and damp earth. In winter there’s still a lot to see, and horizons usually hidden by tree canopies are opened up.
  5. …be the perfect family activity. Why not sit down together, choose a walking route and enjoy your stroll any way you wish? See who can identify the most plants or birds, play I-Spy or share a picnic.
  6. …be a lovely way to meet new people. Whether you’re enjoying the fresh air on your own or rambling with loved ones, you will usually meet people along your route, or join a walking group and share the pleasure of walking with new friends.